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About the Academy

Mills and Bone Academy - Decades of Leadership in Innovative Herbal Education

The Mills and Bone Academy is a website for phytotherapy and western herbal medicine, using evidence based, clinical education. Drawing on the knowledge and teachings of Simon Mills and Kerry Bone, phytotherapy leading experts, the academy brings together education, research, articles, publications and events to further learning for western herbal medicine clinicians.


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Simon Mills

Simon Mills is a Cambridge medical sciences graduate who has been in regular clinical herbal practice in Exeter since 1977. Since then he has chaired the main herbal organizations in the UK (the British Herbal Medicine Association, National Institute of Medical Herbalists, and the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy) and served on the Government’s Herbal Medicine Advisory Committee... 

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Kerry Bone

Professor Kerry Bone is an industry leader and innovation driver, directing the research program at MediHerb. As recognition of this role (in conjunction with his research colleagues), MediHerb was awarded the American Botanical Council’s (ABC’s) Varro E. Tyler Award for excellence in Phytomedicinal (Herbal) Research in 2016.


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Mills & Bone Live Masterclass To Purchase


Mills & Bone Go From Top To Bottom: A Live Masterclass!


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Mills and Bone Covid-19 Series

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Mills and Bone Do Autoimmunity Part 1

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Mills and Bone Do Autoimmunity Part 2

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Mills and Bone Ponder Men, Women and Hormones Part 1

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Mills and Bone Ponder Men, Women and Hormones Part 2

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Mills and Bone are on the Case!

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Mills and Bone Go Mouldy Part 1

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Mills and Bone Go Mouldy Part 2

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