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M&B COVID-19 Series

A special series with the authors of your favourite herb books. Kerry and Simon share their insights into the latest information coming in from the clinical frontline and research efforts across the world concerning the long-term consequences of Covid-19 infection. This series includes both previous seminars, Mills and Bone Go Viral and Mills and Bone Go Post Viral.

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The Gut and Immunity (and Autoimmunity)

In this webinar Kerry and Simon bring a herbal perspective to an updated review of the central role of the gut in immune health and disease. The experience of Covid and its after-effects remind us that autoimmunity can be a major cause of ill-health. We will look at ways in which improving gut functions could also reduce immunological complications.

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The Gut and the Brain

‘Gut feelings’ are now a mainstream interest, and new terms such as nutritional psychiatry, ‘moody gut’ and psychobiotics pervade the medical journals! In this webinar Simon and Kerry will update these insights from a herbal perspective. After this webinar practitioners will learn new ways to help patients with chronic fatigue and long-term difficult mental health problems.

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Bitters Renewed

Bitters have been both the most valued class of remedies in traditional medicine around the world, and largely ignored in modern research. There is now an explosion of discoveries about bitter receptors and their functions throughout the body. It is clear that they have important defence and mobilising roles. These bring new insights into the reputation and application of some or most important remedies. In this webinar Simon and Kerry will refresh our understanding of the bitters and suggest exciting new approaches to their use in clinical practice.

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Everyday Gut Disorders Revisited

With this increased integrated insight into gut functions, and especially the role of the microbiome, it is now timely to look again at our management of the most common and frustrating functional problems, IBS and GORD/GERD. Irritable bowel syndrome and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease account for disproportionate consumption of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. These at best relieve symptoms, and underlying causes are barely addressed. Herbal remedies have obvious prospects to do better.

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Mills and Bone Do Autoimmunity

In this webinar, Kerry and Simon will address some of the most complex and challenging conditions we see in practice. As well as classic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, lupus, Sjogren’s and inflammatory bowel diseases, there are a growing number that we now know have autoimmunity at their core: Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, thyroid diseases, coeliac disease and pernicious anaemia. We are now learning too that autoimmunity may also be central to ‘Long Covid’ and other chronic fatigue conditions. What features do these conditions share? What generates and perpetuates them? Are there any new herbal and dietary prospects emerging to help with their management? We will look at latest insights into both autoimmune processes and specific diseases to bring us all up to date.   

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Mills and Bone Ponder Men, Women and Hormones Part 1

This webinar will include 'Functional Herbal Therapy (FHT) and the Ageing Man' with Kerry Bone, 'Endometriosis- An exploration into the microbiome, inflammation and immune dysfunction' with Angela Hywood ND and a Q&A with Angela, Kerry and Simon.

Sponsored Course

Functional Herbal Therapy and Cancer Course by Kerry Bone 

We are pleased to share with you details of a new course that Kerry Bone has developed in partnership with Society of Wellness Nutritional Systems in California. This online course has just been launched on their website and is available to interested healthcare professionals anywhere in the world.
“When I was asked to suggest an advanced course topic, I immediately said cancer for several reasons. Firstly, I don’t normally get to talk about it during seminars because of legal constraints. Even more importantly, the topic cannot be adequately covered in a few lectures, so a focussed course is a much better vehicle. But above all, I have been intrigued and enthralled by the way our biomedical understanding of this complex disorder has evolved to give us some truly valuable insights into its nature, particularly in the context of therapeutic plants. I will be sharing these with you throughout the course.” Kerry Bone
the course covers a range of topics, including:
  • How to avoid pitfalls with the ketogenic diet, and its appropriate role in treatment and prevention
  • Medicinal cannabis and cancer
  • Do any of the fad cures have a basis?
  • Safe use of herbs during chemotherapy and radiotherapy to optimise treatment outcomes
  • Use of herbs during treatment with smart drugs
  • Some left field herbal options for prevention and treatment that are generally ahead of current thinking
  • What are the 10 goals and best herbs for cancer prevention?
  • Strategies to reduce the risk of metastasis
  • Which conventional treatments cause metastasis and how to reduce that risk
  • Targeting the tumour microenvironment for better outcomes
  • Immune surveillance in cancer
  • And above all, herbal protocols to give to patients with cancer that are safe and underpinned by evidence and biological plausibility
“Please consider this intensive course on the topic of functional herbal therapy and cancer. It is my sincere wish that you will find the information it teaches as worthwhile and fulfilling as I have during the 90 days of work spent researching and collating the many insights and evidence it contains.” Kerry Bone
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