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Mills and Bone Share Their Gut Feelings Part 2 - The Gut and the Brain

The connections between gut, brain and mental health are becoming ever stronger. Not only do we know that the gut produces more hormones and neuroactive chemicals than anywhere else, and that it has strong bidirectional neural connections, but we now understand the strong impact of gut-centred inflammatory pressures on the health of the brain and on mental illness. ‘Gut feelings’ are now a mainstream interest, and new terms such as nutritional psychiatry, ‘moody gut’ and psychobiotics pervade the medical journals! In this webinar Simon and Kerry  update these insights from a herbal perspective.

Topics you will learn about include:
• An update on the many elements of the gut-brain axis
• The role of the microbiome in brain health
• Neuroinflammation as a basis of chronic fatigue and mental health problems
• How gut wall herbal activity can reach the brain


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